Jeanine Delay (b. 1969) is a Belgian/Uruguayan editorial designer and emerging photographer.
Her photography questions the myth of progress and explores the root causes of the conflict between humankind and the natural world. At the confluence of expression and communication, her evocative, lyrical images pull from an emotional response while still being based in the documentary tradition. The subjects tackled include climate change and ecological degradation but also the search for a new story of sustainability, healing and reconnection with the Earth. 
Jeanine holds a Master in Photography from Shifta by Elisava (Spain), a Master in Editorial Design and Digital Publications from ESDesign Barcelona (Spain), and a BA in Graphic Communications from the University of Maryland (USA). Before dedicating herself fully to photography, she worked for over 20 years with international development organizations in both Europe and the US. She is based in Washington D.C.